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Traveling Lolita : East Coast Part 2 : New York City

 Hello! I welcome you back to finish my excursion to the east coast. I was only in New York for a very limited time so I didn't get to go to all the places I had planned, but I guess that just leaves an excuse to travel again next year. Please be aware this post is very photo heavy so I apologize if it loads slow.

I left New Haven Sunday evening and arrived in Williamsburg that night with fellow con roommate, Amber. It was also the first time I got to see Grand Central station. It was really late when we got into the station, so I didn't take very many photos but I would love to explore it more next time I go. She was so awesome to point out tht there is a lot of amazing acoustics in the station. You can apparently stand in one corner and whisper to the wall and someone across the way if standing in the corner diagonally will be able to hear you!

 I was really surprised how the area looked and how well.. gentrified it seemed. My preconceived ideas and thoughts of what Brooklyn would look like were totally different. Here below are some photos of my air bnb place I stayed the first night. I was excited to finally be in New York and get a feel from the neighborhoods. I've always loved large populous urban areas so I couldn't wait to get out into the city.

The next morning I left Williamsburg and headed to Astoria where I would meet some of the Toronto lolitas who I would be staying with for the remainder of my east coat trip. We were all going to go Tokyo Rebel/Btssb and Laduree before splitting off and joining back for dinner. On the way we stopped for some pre-lunch snacks at a place called Eight Turn Crepe. My friend Erica, a lovely lolita from Boston, recommended this place so we thought we'd check it out. We were not dissapointed!

The menu consisted of both sweet as well as savory crepes and the above photo has all of the different types they offered. I got the Lychee Valentine. It had fresh edible rose petals as well as lychee and raspeberries. It was absolutely delightful and surprisingly not too sweet.

After our brief snack I was lucky enough to stop by the Fluevog store and get my foot fitted for some new shoes. I'm pretty weary of buying expensive shoes since my feet are a bit on the wonky side so coming in to find the right size before purchasing is a giant relief for me. After Fluevog we reached one of our more important destinations; Tokyo Rebel / Baby the Stars Shine Bright New York. This store recently opened this year and is great because that means if Baby is doing well enough to have two stores in North America, it's quite possible they might eventually have one in the midwest where I live. We all took photos by the storefront, just as with any other Japanese store, you can not take photos inside. There were also quite a few other lolitas still in town from Rufflecon, so there were a few shots with them as well.

Unfortunately, there wasn't really much at the store that suited my tastes so I didn't purchase anything. But it was nice to go and finally get to go to the store. The lolita pilgrimage continued from Tokyo Rebel to pastry shop, Laduree SoHo.

For those of you unfamiliar, Laduree is a bakery and sweets house and one of the best known macaron makers. [ They're the ones you see in the Marie Antoinette movie by Sophia Coppola ] There are currently only three in the USA as of right now, two in New York and another in Miami Florida. 

 If you can't tell I was beyond stoked. They have a tea area as well as a dining area and each place looks like rococo lovers dream pastry shop. When you first walk in there are rows and rows of pastries and desserts as well as collectible macaron boxes. Unlike at other stores, where they are priced by macaron, these are priced by the size of box you purchase. There are also limited edition collectors boxes that are collaborations for the season as well as collaborations with certain designers. I think everyone in our group for the most part purchased the small black box with gold lame filigree though.. 

 I was really tempted to purchase the circus tent seasonal box but wasn't sure if they would keep long enough for me to share with Brian at home so I only got the smaller version ( I know now that they do, so the quest is on to one day get it. ) I got a couple duplicates of some flavors because I wanted to share them with others and I regret not getting the salted caramel. But again, I guess thats just an excuse to go again soon!

It was such amazing luck that we happened to go to this specific Laduree; a fellow lolita and friend from my comm,Olivia, was also having lunch there that day so it was such a pleasant surprise to run into her. So we chatted for a bit while half of the Toronto posse split and took off to the Morbid Anatomy museum and the other half went to East Village.

I ended up heading with Linda and Karen towards East Village due some troublesome footwear. We went to Revolution, Trash and Vaudville, Obscura, and Search and Destory. I think my favorite was Search and Destory; Linda scored this awesome jacket as well as got a great ' Fuck You ' bag with her purchase. We were also accosted by the semi blind woman with her eye seeing stick thing. It was no bueno.

After this we booked it to Dizzy's for a well deserved dinner.The food was fantastic and company ten times better. I loved hanging out with the Toronto ladies and would love to go see them again. I think I am most fond of the fact that I had so many Juliette Justine lovers to gush over designs and prints with haha. 

After Dizzy's we trekked it back to Astoria for our final night in New York. The following morning we bid adieu and when left to my own devices did a little shopping for the bf as well as visit 30 Rock and wish the ice skating rink was open.

I know I've said it so much that you readers are probably tired of it, but I can't express how much fun I had those few days on the east coast. I hope you found my travel experiences interesting, as I will be going to PMX very soon and can relay about my experience there next month when I meet the designer of Innocent World.. Until then though, please stay tuned! I've got a few reviews I've been writing coming up and hope you enjoy them as well as find them informative.

Also as a parting gift I leave this amazing photo of some of the events held at the Morbid Art Museum. Ja ne!

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