Friday, October 30, 2015

Indie Tights Review : Baroque X Sakizo Antique Frames and Royal Jewelry

When I started wearing lolita, it started a love affair in finding and collecting fashionable tights. Please feel free to tag or share this with other people and please by all means comment questions about any of the brands I review. I am happy to help as best I can. 

My review is a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, in regards to: 
How well the print holds up stretched
Print placement, Crispness, Alignment

I will also list :
Tights inseam to toe
Tall or Petite friendly

For reference in regards to size, I am 5'9"  / 175 cm and my inseam all the way to bottom of heel is 31.5" /  81 cm, hips 40" / 102 cm. The thickest part of my thigh is 23" / 60 cm and calf at  14.76 " / 37.5cm. In the visualization of the tights stretched I used a glass growler which is approx  15.5" / 39cm around.For my original review my reference for petite was 5'0" but  one of my smaller petite friends was so kind to relay some additional info regarding her experience with the lengths of some of the tights as well. She is 4'10" leg inseam 25 "/66cm and shoes size 3.5 / 21cm.

Baroque Frames and Royal Jewelry Collaboration with Sakizo

  • Construction: 4  They were dyed evenly with no smell or residue. The waistband itself is pretty accommodating and the print is pretty and eye pleasing much like the Sakizo pair I reviewed. 
  • Quality: 3.9 Being made of shantung polyester they have a smooth soft feel to them and felt like a good thick denier. The printing was all very well done for having such intricate details, exceptionally so since Sakizo loves to ridiculous detailing in her illustrations.. My main gripe is the wine coloring for this specific pair. I'm not sure if its the color printing or what. It is exactly like my Sakizo pair where the bordeaux is a brownish merlot color, albeit not as bad as the first pair, but still the coloring is a bit of a challenge to match. If you obtain these with a matching main piece from Baroque it should be no problem but matching it to other items may be a challenge. 
  • Elasticity4 They were not as short as the Sakizo pair that I had but still a bit on the short side for my height.They were not very tight around my calves but not so much that I had bunching as if they were too big. The tights were really accommodating around the waistline but pretty snug around my upper thigh. I believe if you are very careful and patient with slow stretching from the ankle up, you can ease the tights to a higher resting point. They did however shrink down to size with no distortion afterwards which was great.
  • How print holds up stretched: 4 The print lightens up quite a bit. But ist still pretty opaque and the print distinctive when I have them worn. They tend to fade considerably over my upper thigh but that can't be seen when wearing a dress or short pants. 
  • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 5 The print is really intricate with bold crowns to contrast the dark tone of the tights. Placement is perfect and alignment also on point. These are great in this area.
  • Inseam to toe: 29" / 73.66cm
  • Denier:  80
  • Cost: 35 USD
  • Tall or Petite Friendly: I do not think they would accommodate anyone my height very well if they might have bigger measurements than mine and don't want the print distorted or to potentially rip after a few wears.I would be cautious if you are a taller lolita considering these. For someone smaller than me they would accommodate pretty well, though, they might be a bit big for someone shorter maybe like 5'^" or so

    Here below are some detail shots of Baroque tights :

    Thank you for taking the time to read this review and stay tuned for more as I round out my tights collection.


  1. Your tight reviews are fantastic, I really admire how thorough you are!

    1. Thanks Roli! I appreciate you following the blog. Are there any brands that you've been interested in knowing more about tights or other item wise?

  2. Found your blog via Closet of Frills :) I've had a look at your measurements, and we're not the same, but I think we'd average out (I'm a wee bit taller, but my hips are a wee bit smaller, etc.) and I'm hoping they'll fit me, because they're BEAUTIFUL. I'm actually thinking about getting tights that are too short for me converted into stockings, but I'd have to get someone professional to do that, because all my attempts to sew stretchy tights material goes awry!

    1. I'm glad my review can help you with future purchases. I have also reviewed a couple of other tights brands, as well as a few releases so be sure to check those out as well.

      Also, I'm not sure if you've tried. But sometimes depending on what material the tights are made of, you can actually seam the edge with liquid seam. I'd try it ut first on a cheap pair of walmart of target tights bfore doing them to brand ones, but I've had friends do it before and it work.