Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cloaks, Jackets, and Tartan, oh my! New outerwear fall releases

With autumn slowly approaching, new accessories and fall staples come to mind when wearing lolita. New prints and color schemes will now be trending as the leaves turn and temperatures drop. Soon you'll be able to dress to match the changing seasons and change in weather. Most notably, you will see more tartans, checks, and jewel tones cropping up in new releases. And if we're lucky even some velvets, houndstooth, and tweed but that isn't usually until winter.

Loyal Rosette

And with the rise of fall.. means outerwear! Unfortunately as I am from Texas, it's still pretty full blown summer but I can't wait for jacket weather. And with every substyle comes a different jacket, mantle, or coat. Be it gothic, classic, sweet; the possibilities are endless! Here below is Atelier Boz's Nicoloa cape to get the ball rolling.

I have also compiled a list of some notable brands and hints to their new upcoming fall catalog: 

Victorian Maiden 2014 Coat reserve list as well as stock list 

I'm personally really excited to see how the viridian colorway for the Metamorphose coat looks when it's released. I have too many black jackets...hah. And as lovely the new slough of warm wintery outerwear comes forth, for some of us where jackets aren't such a staple, it also means new and inventive ways to layer for the changing weather. Boleros, cardigan and sweaters <3

Are there any new fall items you'r really looking forward to?


So this last weeked, one of our sister communities the New Orleans Lolitas tagged my community the ATX lolitas in the ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge. And of course being the best Austin lolita community that we can be, we rose to the challenge. You can view the video here: 

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