Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bunnyhouse Petticoats: Comparison and Review

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. Today I'm reviewing Bunnyhouse petticoats. They are an indie company in Vietnam. You can view and order form their Facebook hereI originally was suggested these guys from a Boston lolita friend and since I wanted even more poof than my Classical Puppets petticoats could give; I decided to give these guys a try. Unfortunately, they did not have any photos of the petticoats worn.. So it was a guess at best as which would be the most suitable for everyday wear and ultra megapoof. Given the era arrangement of my wardrobe, I purchased the size Medium and the size XL. I was hoping that even if the medium was on the small side it could still accommodate my older pieces from  06/09 as they don't require as much poof as some current dresses these days for which I'm hoping the XL could help with.


In ordering they did not have set sizes and actually asked for your height, waist and hip measurements and how long you wanted the petticoat. So when you see the sizing it is actually the fluffiness of the petticoat not the actual size of the waistband. For reference, I'm 175.26cm tall, 73cm waist and I ordered my petticoats at 50cm in length. It took roughly two weeks to make them both. After production I was notified via facebook that they were complete before they shipped out. Something to also note is that they only ship airmail. It takes two weeks to 30 days via airmail so please factor in some time when ordering these.. they are made to order in the truest sense. Below these are photos of both petticoats  before and after unwrapping them from their cellophane packaging and packing paper.

They both look pretty normal but the medium is a bit on the smaller side in comparison to my classical puppets petticoat but the construction for both is pretty sound. I didn't see any loose threads and the layers were sewn pretty well so you could pull a bit on the fabric a bit and not have them rip as my CP petticoats have done before.Now onto the photos of the different sizes.

Here you see the size medium laying flat as well as a side view. These on the whole are pretty soft and not really stiff like tulle petticoats but are stiff enough to stand up on their own as you can see in the second photo. I used green fabric for some of these photos as the color of my comforter didn't provide any contrast as to see the poof and shape very well. Please excuse the derp faces too, that's all I'm good at today unfortunately.

 The extra large petticoat has a ton of layers and just like the medium, and the construction is strong as well as the elastic.

Communication: 5 She was really prompt and always replied whenever I had a question
Shipping: 4 I would have preferred to use ems and the tracking didn't work after two days.. not sure if that was on the us side of Vietnam but.. it didn't work.
Price: 5 It's only $20 for the medium, $35 for the xl
Construction: 5 Elastic was great and super stretchy, all of the edges were covered and hemmed to prevent fraying and there were no drawbacks.
Poof: 4 I wasn't surprised the medium was so the size it was when worn but i was hoping the xl would have been poofier.

Personally I'm partial to the XL out of the both I purchased but would have preferred them both to be bigger than what they both were on a whole. I  wanted to also mention I was recently told by a metroplex lolita that after 7/8 months hers began to deflate pretty rapidly so maybe I'll do an update in a year or so about how well these are holding up.

And here is a photo with both worn in case you were wondering. I personally like this version  the best, though the significant other actually preferred the medium petticoat. So I guess it all just depends on how much poof you prefer.

Hopefully this can help with your decision in purchasing from them and I hope you guys check back again soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for the review! I must say i was never too in love with that jj dress and thankfully i'm plus sized so i cannot obcess over it... otherwise i'd be going nuts trying to obtain one now. It is absolutely incredible!

  2. Thanks for the review! I love my CP petticoats, but I'd love to add more pettis to my collection. I just don't want to keep paying CP prices lol. I'd love to read a follow up after a few months to hear how these two held up.

    1. Thanks Brittany! I'll make sure to make a note in my calander to remind myself to do a follow up. I think with the way designers have been making dresses they're just a lot Poofier than they used to be and the petticoats aren't really keeping up!

  3. Thank you for reading! It's sort of funny, I wasn't a big fan of this dress in photos until I saw it in person and then became instantly in love. And I'm super surprised you're plus size at all, I follow your coord posts and would have never have thought with all your lovely MMM pieces.

  4. Aaaah I'm still having so much trouble deciding which size to get!! ;u; thank you for your review, it's helping me figure it out! lol