Friday, August 22, 2014

Brand Tight Review - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I just received another pair of tights this week from Baby the Stars Shine Bright from their US webshop sale that happened earlier this week.  Please feel free to tag or share this with other people and please by all means comment questions about any of the brands I review. I am happy to help as best I can.
My review is a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, in regards to: 
How well the print holds up stretched
Print placement, Crispness, Alignment

I will also list :
Tights inseam to toe
Tall or Petite friendly

For reference in regards to size, I am 5'9"  / 175 cm and my inseam all the way to bottom of heel is 31.5" /  81 cm, hips 40" / 102 cm. The thickest part of my thigh is 23" / 60 cm and calf at  14.76 " / 37.5cm. In the visualization of the tights stretched I used a glass growler which is approx  15.5" / 39cm around.

For my original review My reference for petite was 5'0" but  one of my smaller petite friends was so kind to relay some additional info regarding her experience with the lengths of some of the tights as well. She is 4'10" leg inseam 25 "/66cm and shoes size 3.5 / 21cm.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Searching for Baroque Tights in


I actually ended up with two pairs of these tights due to a non responsive seller. I purchased one pair via Lacemakret nwt, and when the seller never responded and it took two and a half weeks. When they went on sale on the webshop, I purchased them again in the case I would not receive the pair I got through LM. Ironically enough, the SF store tights got here even before the LM users did.. So they both still arrived to me, thank goodness. The packaging is a simple cellophane with a cardboard piece to show the form of the tights. In the packaged version to the right of the first image you can see two models wearing BTSSB dresses as well as a business card.

  • Construction: 5  No snags or misprints along the seams. Out of the package they were dyed evenly with no smell or residue.
  • Quality: 5 They have a smooth soft feel to them and the colors are pretty vibrant. The details are pretty elaborate.
  • Elasticity4 Pretty accommodating to my calves without distortion of angels or portraits that are midway up the print. They were a bit on the snug side for my butt which caused the crotch area to ride fairly low. 
  • How print holds up stretched: 5 The print holds its dark color and there is barely any lightening of color.
  • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 5 Pretty on point in all aspects. I would have though around my thighs the mint color would have shown the lines but they held up pretty well. The lack of alignment is not really that noticeable when these are worn. Does have a darker green seam down the sides though.
  • Inseam to toe: 26" / 66cm
  • Denier: 80
  • Cost: 30.00 These were on sale / $41 with priority 2 day shipping from Baby SF to TX
  • Tall or Petite Friendly: I would say even for someone taller / larger hip size than me than me they would not stretch to fit comfortably as I had a bit of trouble with the stockings riding low in the crotch area ( there was about 2/1/2 - 3 inches between my pelvic area and the crotch area of the tights ) and as well a smaller person though they might be a bit big for someone shorter than 5ft.

I do like these tights. I think they would be pretty nice in the ivory colorway as well but I believe that is already sold out. They are a bit darker than the stock photos on babys website but I would like to try and see if another pair of their tights rings true on the fact they might be a bit too short for someone as tall as me.

I have two other pairs of tights still in transit but as soon as those get in I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for reading!

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