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A Stocking Infatuation : Lolita Brand Tights

As I began wearing lolita, it also sparked a love for finding and collecting fashionable tights. I've been mulling around and idea for a guide and review for various types of tights that are popular in lolita fashion. I will be breaking up my posts into three different categories of  Brand / Indie / Loliable and as I procure more, they will be tagged accordingly to find later. Please feel free to tag or share this with other people and please by all means comment questions about any of the brands I review. I am happy to help as best I can.

My review is a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, in regards to: 
How well the print holds up stretched
Print placement, Crispness, Alignment

I will also list :
Tights inseam to toe
Tall or Petite friendly

For reference in regards to size, I am 5'9"  / 175 cm and my inseam all the way to bottom of heel is 31.5" /  81 cm, hips 40" / 102 cm. The thickest part of my thigh is 23" / 60 cm and calf at  14.76 " / 37.5cm. In the visualization of the tights stretched I used a glass growler which is approx  15.5" / 39cm around.

For my original review My reference for petite was 5'0" but  one of my smaller petite friends was so kind to relay some additional info regarding her experience with the lengths of some of the tights as well. She is 4'10" leg inseam 25 "/66cm and shoes size 3.5 / 21cm.

Today I'm going to review brand tights from Victorian Maiden, Juliette et Justine, Enchantlic Enchantilly, and Triple Fortune.

shiny and new

These are Juliette et Justine with Ribbon Tights.
tights review

The packaging is pretty basic consisting of a card board sleeve and cellophane as well as a sleeve that tells about the denier and the print. Every once in a while the style of tights the girl is wearing will change but these are pretty much the basic sleeve. In this particular case since these ribbon tights were purchased direct from their website, they also included a little leaflet about the tights.

    • Construction: 5  out of the package they were dyed evenly with no smell or residue.
    • Quality: 5 Being made of polyester they have a smooth soft feel to them and the thickness definitely shows.
    • Elasticity: 5 They were both accommodating  to my calves as well as a waist line with even more room to stretch without distorting the print. They are not stiff at all and also shrank down to size when washed and do not look stretched out.
    • How print holds up stretched: 5 The print does lighten up a bit but still holds its dark color. See last photo.
    • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 5 I'm usually a stickler about this. They aligned the print across the sides of the calves to match on both sides and the ribbon print is very crisp as well as the detailing of the cats and lace.
    • Inseam to toe: 26" / 66cm
    • Denier: 80
    • Cost: 3990 Yen
    • Tall or Petite Friendly: On the packaging it says from 90 - 160 lbs. I would say even for someone taller than me they would accommodate pretty well and as well a smaller person though they might be a bit big for someone shorter than 5ft.

    All in all, I own 7 pairs of Juliette et Justine tights and  otk tights and they are all about the same in price, size, and quality. I would highly recommend these if you do not mind the thickness of 80 denier tights.

    Next are Victorian Maiden with Victorian Queen Tights

    The packaging consists of a cardboard flap for the tights as well as regular cellophane. There is also a little card that has the price as well as the name of the tights on the card. Each one from the series is a little different and the back panel of the design actually includes the print from the tight. It's a nice touch of detail in my opinion.
    • Construction: 5 Strong waist band and no smell from the dye when first opened.
    • Quality: 5 Very well crafted and soft to the touch. Also no bleeding when washed ( I also have this particular print in different colorways. ) The polyester fibers are soft and pliable for such thick tights
    • Elasticity: 5 The waist band went past my navel so these were fairly stretchy and then some. 
    • How well the print holds up stretched: 4.5 The print distorts a little up over my back end but thats hidden under petticoats. It also lightens overall so keep that in mind when color matching items. See last photo
    • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 5 The print overall is flowers and crowns and when worn it looks like a lot of busy camouflage but the crown outline and details are still pretty visible and crisp.
    • Inseam to toe: 25" / 63.5 cm
    • Cost: varies Depending if you're ordering from Beth or Victorian Maiden the price is a bit different as are the prices for the otks of the same fabric. But you're looking between 2,900 and 4000 yen usually.
    • Denier: 80
    • Tall or Petite friendly: I would say yes to both parties. Although above mentioned friend wanted to mention at 4'9" had an issue with the tights being baggy and bunching around her ankles as she wore them through out the day.

    • You can even be a little rougher with these as they are a thicker denier and super stretchy. I love the varying color choices.These are by far my favorite brand tights and currently own  6 pairs of their tights and would love to own them all if they matched my wardrobe. 

    The next brand is Enchantlic Chantilly with Thigh Highs / OTKS.

    The packaging is much the same as before with a cellophane cover and cardboard to hold the tights in place.There is not book or slide cover with these tights / otks. They whole outside presentation is pretty basic, but the presentation isn't so much as important as the tights I suppose?
    • Construction: 5  Evenly dyed and clean overall look.
    • Quality: 5 Almost silky outer texture for polyester and a lot of detail are put into these tights.
    • Elasticity: 5 Even as otks these have a fair amount of stretch and went to my mid thigh easily, could have probabl gone a bit higher.. I would still recommend garters if wearing the otks however as after a half an hour to an hour they will start to slide down depending on your size.
    • How well the print holds up stretched: 5 The print fades slightly but not too bad when worn and continues fairly good opacity. The line stretches only really appear around the elastic towards the very top of the otks which are not visible when worn.
    • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 5 The diamonds are really detailed and also have letters in some of them. All are still very visible when worn and continues to look as crisp as when newly packaged. The side is aligned spot on and there is a lot going on and no detail is looked over.
    • Cost: varies Depending if you're ordering otks or tights beween 4,536 and 3456 Yen
    • Denier: 80
    • Tall or Petite friendly: I would say yes to both parties. They are about as stretchy as their old diamond otks, the newer ones have been running shorter as of late, but they are fairly accommodating to both large and small lolita.

    •  I have yet to own the tights but am waiting for the gold diamond sleeping beauty colorway to be released and will update accordingly when they do.

    My next on the list are Triple Fortune Tights ( I forgot the name of these particular ones. )

    These tights I have owned for a while now and don't have the original packaging saved unfortunately. They came with a cardboard sleeve cover and had a plastic wrapping.
    • Construction: 5 no smell from the dye and overall good feel.
    • Quality: 4.5  Well crafted and soft to the touch. The color was a little lighter in person than in photos yet really vivid. The polyester fibers are not rough but also very visibly thick.
    • Elasticity: 5 They have a lot of give especially around the waist band and hip area in general. I did not have an issue, but I will note there is not as much more give around the thighs bigger than mine without fading or stretch lines if you are a taller lolita.
    • How well the print holds up stretched: 4 The print does fade slightly when worn but not so much that you see white streaks or print is distorted. Still continues to be opaque.
    • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 4 Considering the print does not have a lot of overlap, it would not have been that hard to align the print where it does meet in my opinion. Print is clear and the placement is solid.
    • Inseam to toe: 28" / 71"
    • Cost: varies  4000  / 4100 yen usually.
    • Denier: 80
    • Tall or Petite friendly: I would say yes to tall but lolitas taller or more bootylishious ( I have been dying to use this in a sentence. ) than myself would need to watch the thigh / buttocks area for print thinning.

    • These are kind of hard to come by unless you use an SS via online or someone who can go to KERA. That quality is good and are fairly sturdy tights. 

    Currently I have two other lolita brand tights ( Btssb and VM Beth )  in transit, so I should be updating fairly regularly. I hope those of you reading find this resource useful towards your next purchase. Tomorrow I'm going to go over Indie and Loliable tights, so I hope you stay tune and thank you again!

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