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A Stocking Infatuation: Indie Tights

In my last post I covered various tights made mostly for lolita wear by larger brands. In this post I'm going to cover some smaller indie brands. I'm sad to say I honestly don't own a lot of indie tights but am always looking for new interesting brands. If you see any that might fit a classic lolita aesthetic and are a bit off the beaten path, please let me know. Please feel free to tag or share this with other people and please by all means comment questions about any of the brands I review. I am happy to help as best I can.

My review is  made on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, in regards to: 
How well the print holds up stretched
Print placement, Crispness, Alignment

I will also list :
Tights inseam to toe
Tall or Petite friendly

For reference in regards to size, I am 5'9"  / 175 cm and my inseam all the way to bottom of heel is 31.5" /  81 cm, hips 40" / 102 cm. The thickest part of my thigh is 23" / 60 cm and calf at  14.76 " / 37.5cm. In the visualization of the tights stretched I used a glass growler which is approx  15.5" / 39cm around.

For my original review My reference for petite was 5'0" but  one of my smaller petite friends was so kind to relay some additional info regarding her experience with the lengths of some of the tights as well. She is 4'10" tall with leg inseam 25 "/66cm and shoes size 3.5 / 21cm.

These are Baroque with King of Lolita Tights.

These came in clear cellophane packaging with a cardboard cover flap with a ribbon design over the top. It's was super cute and I'm actually surprised that I couldn't find them but will update with photos when I do. There is also a piece of cardboard the tights are folded around.

  • Construction: 3 The thing about these tights were that they look stupid cute. But sadly, that was about it. The material didn't have a lot of give, the dye gave off a smell and faded towards the top after one wear it looked like someone just slapped these together in coral.. For all terms and purposes these were pretty chinsy looking in comparison to my other tights.
  • Quality: 3 I was really dissapointed when I got these out of the packaging. They stunk to high heaven of chemicals. I actually had to put them back in the packaging while we were driving home from the post office they stunk so bad. The fabric was smooth but the texture to my fingers was sort of off. I had to wash these on two separate occasions to get the smell  completely out. If you also look in full length photo you can actually see the dye distortion on the waist of the tights. It doesn't do it on the leg portions but  it does on the higher areas.
  • Elasticity: 2 These were stupid stiff. I actually ripped a hole in the red pair of these I own the firs time I tried them on around my lower calf. I hadn't even reached  my mid calf. I was pretty distraught. The top elastic comes halfway between my navel and pelvic shave line. Even with it coming this high there is still quite a bit of room between the crotch of the stockings and my own. These ride low if you get my drift.
  • How well the print holds up stretched: 5 Over my legs these were pretty opaque and didn't discolor hardly at all. I was really surprised with this given the other shortcomings. It did fade over the top part of the tights near the waist band but since thats not seen by anyone in lolita I'm not docking points for that.
  • Print placement, Crispness, Alignment: 3 The print is crisp and the placement on the leg is great.. but everything else is sloppy. If it were not the fact that the lines are pretty evenly spaced through out the front panel and back panel I would not even be giving it a 3, it honestly would have been a solid 2.
  • Inseam to toe: 26.5" / 67.31cm
  • Cost: 20 usd
  • Denier: 60/80? They were not listed so I'm only assuming here is the original reservation page
  • Tall or Petite friendly: These are definitely petite friendly but I would not recommend these for anyone bigger than my measurements. The crotch rides a smite low on me but not so much for discomfort but I would also worry about print distortion around the bottocks area if you might be thicker than me even if you're shorter. i would also like to mention however above mentioned friend wanted to mention at 4'9" had an issue with the tights being baggy and bunching around her ankles as she wore them through out the day.

I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that since these were their first try at tights that they may have gotten better. Unfortunately none of the other tights they have released really cater to my style and I have not had another opportunity to compare. I  am pretty positive you can't actually buy this particular print anymore. To view this particular collection you can view it here. I honestly really like the tight design and even given the opportunity would have bought them even knowing what I know now about them. They have released other tights since so if you're willing to take the chance its roughly 20 usd, plus maybe 6 shipping by airmail which is still cheaper than brand and other popular loliable tights. ALSO. You must tell them you want airmail or they will bill you for EMS for the tights.. which is like $15 for some reason. That is like the price of the tights and silly.

Thanks for reading so far! Up next I will continue on my review to cover Loliable tights. 

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