Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blog Carnival : Lolita Plans for 2015

With 2015 well under way, that means tea parties, lolita events and for those of us that live in the United States, conventions! Last year I was lucky enough to attend a plethora of events, so in 2015, I'm hoping to cut the fat of last year and do more quality over quantity with my lolita excursions. There are a few that are still up in the air for me ( Marthaness's Tea Party during Otakuthon or is it Otakon!, San Japan with Enchantlic Enchantilly, and visiting Canada. ) but these are the plans that are set in stone for 2015.

First on my list of events is Nightfall, located in Houston, Texas. Nightfall is the first ouji-con of it's kind and with mostly indie designers in a romantic intimate setting. It is set to be April 2nd, and while only a one day event, I'm sure the who's who of the Australian and American ouji substyle will be out in droves for this event. I hope it's the beginning of something spectacular and not commonly seen in the us; Jfashion conferences and parties put on outside of conventions and holding their own as stand alone events. I hope this does as well as Rufflecon has and will be around for years to come.

Tickets are on sale now and model applications open. To read more info about this event it's website is located here. 

I also wanted to note, that I will be attending Anime Matsuri this year but do not wish to promote them in any way shape or form; so will not be posting any sort of promotion for them this year. This will be my final year attending this convention as it it is one of my closer home cons. I will be reporting my experience at this convention however and wish to share my distaste of John and Deniece Leigh and their overall shady treatment of the lolita community ( in addition to the gaming and import car communities )  as well as their manipulation of the Houston Lolita Community as well as their moderators and known AM staff / blind supporters, Jessamyn, Becky, and Kate.

Next on my roster is Rufflecon held in New Haven,Connecticut. I can't hype this enough, as this will be the second year for this conference. This year the venue has changed and will be celebrated October 2nd to the 4th, making it a three day event and a day longer than the year before. Last year Enchantilic Chantilly graced the small event with it's appearance, and Triple Fortune stole the show. Guests have not been announced yet, but given what they brought to the table last year, I truly feel that this event will be one for the ages and quite possibly the biggest contender for best in show for 2015 stateside.

Tickets have not gone on sale yet, but hotel blocks have been released. More info can be found here.

The last on my list convention wise will be PMX which will be in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately for me I was really just exhausted by the end of last year that I didn't get to fully appreciate how amazing this place really is. This has been a long running small potatoes kind of convention, but they have always been brought A list JFashion guests and for it's size, this is truly remarkable. Guests have not been announced yet, but given they had Innocent World last year and Juliette Justine the year before, I think it would be best to keep an eye on these guys because something amazing might be afoot.

 Dates, times and location have not yet been released for this event but I am hoping to go and spend a little bit more time to get the full experience of what this convention has to offer. To read about last year and get some info as soon as tickets and times are released you may view them here.

Lastly, I have plans to visit Japan again at the end of the year. I am hoping to have my excursion last twice as long as the year before and will be around for a whole month. I want to dedicate more time to hanging out with the lovely Japanese lolitas I met last year as my friendships with them were very precious to me. My cohorts and I will be around for New Years which is also my birthday, so I'm hoping it will be like gangbusters. If you plan to be in the Tokyo area  from the middle of December to the end of January for 2016, please let me know, I'd love to make plans. ( Sooo many fun plans and friends!! )

Thus concludes my lolita plans for 2015. I hope if you're attending any of these or in the area that you'll bum rush me; I fully intend to make the most of 2015 and what way to make it better than spending it with meeting new people and broadening my lolita horizons. This blog was a part of the Lolita Blog Carnival, if you're interested in other posts by other fellow lolitas on this subject, I strongly urge for you to check them out as well!


  1. pppssst... it's Otakon where Martha has her tea. :)

  2. Yeah dear Nightfall is a stunning event. I never miss this event. I love its romantic intimate setting. The best part is that event has been organized at one of my favorite Los Angeles event venues!

    1. I think you might be getting it confused with another event. Nightfall was in Texas.